Temperature & Alarm Management

The complete solution for food retailers

A new standard in refrigeration

Temperature & Alarm Management from Zeto is the only software solution you will need for effectively managing your refrigeration equipment. By relying on this easy to use cloud-based software platform, you can make sure that all of your equipment remains 100% compliant with food safety standards at all times.


100% compatible

Our platform can be used to manage all types of equipment, regardless of OEM or controller.

Automated reporting

Reduce labour time required for temperature monitoring and stay fully compliant.

Full audit trail

Produce a fully verifiable, paperless activity log for every single unit in the event of a legal dispute.

Predictive maintenance

Provides your service engineers with the real-time information needed to diagnose and optimise your equipment.

Energy efficiency

By monitoring and adjusting your equipment settings, you can unlock potential savings on energy consumption.

Customer service

Putting an easy to use product into the hands of our customers that exceeds expectations is at the core of our business.

HACCP reporting

The flexibility of the Zeto Platform puts you in control of your reports and allows you to structure them around your daily processes. The reporting module is used to ensure you are complying with regulatory requirements for food safety at all times.

Stay informed through advanced alarm management

Zeto alerts users to problems with temperature, power loss, equipment configuration and performance through SMS, Email and Automated Phone Call. Gone are the days of buzzers going off in store rooms to alert staff of issues, now alerts are sent directly to management, maintenance companies or other responsible parties and are continuously followed up on until the issue is addressed.

Multi-vendor refrigeration management

Having different makes and models of refrigeration equipment on a premises is very common, especially among small and medium sized refrigeration users. The Zeto Platform is the first cloud based platform that allows you to manage all of the different vendors of refrigeration equipment using a single software system.

Get real-time refrigeration analytics

Refrigeration analytics allows everyone in the refrigeration industry to see how well their equipment is performing in the real world. Refrigeration owners are able to compare and contrast the equipment they have on site which allows them to make informed decisions when purchasing new equipment. Owners can also set KPIs for their equipment to ensure that they are constantly improving their performance and reliability.

Easy installation

The hardware for the Zeto Platform is installed during the manufacturing process or is easily retrofitted by a refrigeration engineer. When the equipment is powered on, it immediately starts to report into the Zeto Management Platform through the onsite Gateway Machine. Depending on the modules of the platform a user wishes to utilise, optional probes or sensors can also be installed onsite.


“Zeto enables us to safeguard stock in the event of issues with the refrigeration equipment and highlights inefficiencies that may become problematic in the future.”

Aoife Clarke - Head of Communications, Lidl Ireland

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