Adventures in Ethereum

The Ethereum blockchain offers plenty of excellent features that make perfect sense for Blockchain applications: immutability, transparency, and verified distribution across the globe. But as a developer experience? Oof, it’s not fun. There are a number of tools and frameworks out there that support building a program that runs on the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). [...]

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How power loss can affect refrigeration performance

Ireland has witnessed three major storms in recent months, resulting in widespread power outages. These events have consequences for all sectors of society including farming right through to the safe storage of products on the shop floor. With accurate weather warnings now in place people are made aware of the dangers in advance and this [...]

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The Technology Behind ZetoChain

The key to the success of ZetoChain will be the stable and efficient technology on which it is built. We’re in a good position, as our existing tried-and-tested Zeto hardware system and platform will form the foundation of ZetoChain. This means that we have a head-start on other companies who are trying to bring blockchain-based [...]

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Technology Overview

In Stephen's first blog post he outlined our mission, "Bringing IoT to the Refrigeration Industry". As CTO, I have the very challenging and enjoyable task of defining the technologies that we use to achieve this mission. The refrigeration industry has a number of key influencers, the End Users (a supermarket for example), Maintenance Engineers, Refrigeration Cabinet [...]

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