The Technology Behind ZetoChain

The key to the success of ZetoChain will be the stable and efficient technology on which it is built. We’re in a good position, as our existing tried-and-tested Zeto hardware system and platform will form the foundation of ZetoChain. This means that we have a head-start on other companies who are trying to bring blockchain-based [...]

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ZetoChain – a blockchain solution for the cold chain

In the last few weeks, we’ve announced our plans for our new blockchain-powered, end-to-end cold-chain management solution – ZetoChain. We believe that ZetoChain will provide a fix-all for some fundamental flaws in traditional cold chain systems, such as: Disjointed, manual monitoring and reporting across parties in the cold chain No real-time alerts where the temperature [...]

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Blockchain: the future of food safety

When Bitcoin made its entry into the world almost a decade ago, little did anyone think that the technology that it was built upon – blockchain – would become just as significant and transformative in terms of how we do business. In fact, there’s an increasing consensus that blockchain will have as big an impact [...]

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Disrupting The Refrigeration Industry

Today I would like to describe to you where we see Zeto’s position in the global refrigeration industry. Our aim has always been to disrupt the status quo of software that is available in the industry and in so doing unlock the data that provides real value in terms of time and cost savings to [...]

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Zeto’s Platform as a Service, Our Technology, Your Platform!

In the previous blog post, Jonathan spoke about how technology is helping us to achieve our company mission; “Bringing IoT to the Refrigeration Industry”. As Product Manager, my job is to utilise this technology to create a product that is both cutting edge, and easy to use. In this blog post, I would like to [...]

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