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ICO Postponed

Since we first set out on our blockchain journey both Zetochain, and the Blockchain ecosystem have undergone a number of large changes. As we have outlined in our latest whitepaper we have big plans for [...]

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Here’s how Zetochain is empowering developers to fix the supply chain

With Zetochain, everything we do is guided by our mission: to become the world’s first open-standards blockchain platform to empower developers, embracing them from concept to delivery. That’s because we see developers as instrumental in [...]

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Unveiling the ZetoToken economy

As we draw closer to our ICO on 3rd September we wanted to take the time to tell you about the inner workings of Zetochain, and specifically the ZetoToken. Here’s an insight into the ZetoToken [...]

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Meet Zetochain: a scalable, open platform focused on accelerating blockchain adoption

In our newly-launched white paper we reveal our plan to revolutionize the supply chain by fast-tracking the adoption of blockchain across the supply chain. With Zetochain we are providing developers with all the tools they [...]

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Accelerating blockchain adoption in the supply chain with Zetochain

  Since our pre-sale ended in May, our team has been busy finessing the Zetochain product. We received some invaluable feedback during our pre-sale from token holders and customers, but one request from a number [...]

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The trap of predicting crypto value

Fred Wilson made reference to an interesting topic a while ago: how to predict what will happen to crypto prices based on their fundamentals. Stock markets have plenty of mechanisms to do this: price-to-earnings (P/E) [...]

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