Since we first set out on our blockchain journey both Zetochain, and the Blockchain ecosystem have undergone a number of large changes. As we have outlined in our latest whitepaper we have big plans for Zetochain and we firmly believe Blockchain based solutions are the future for the supply chain.

As we have spoken to potential customers and partners, one thing has become clear, a vision this ambitious requires partners that can add real value. Having worked in the IoT food safety space for a number of years, we have a large number of experienced IoT, cold chain and supply chain partners we can call upon, however, we also want strong Blockchain partners. We are currently in negotiation with a number of well known Blockchain companies and we are close to agreeing partnerships that will accelerate Zetochains time to market, and ensure it will become the market leading product upon launch.

While these negotiations are ongoing we have decided to postpone the public part of our ICO. When the time is right, we will announce our new strategy along with our new ICO plans. Airdrop and Bounty participant will receive their tokens once this new announcement is made. We really appreciate all of the hard work from the community and look forward to rewarding everyone once the details of the ICO are in place.

We would like to thank the Zeotchain community for their continued support and we know that together, we will build the leading Blockchain solution for the supply chain.