With Zetochain, everything we do is guided by our mission: to become the world’s first open-standards blockchain platform to empower developers, embracing them from concept to delivery.

That’s because we see developers as instrumental in solving one of the biggest problems in global commerce today: the inherent instabilities and inefficiencies in the supply chain.
As a result of globalization, today’s supply chain has become fragmented, complex and unwieldy. An ever increasing population has led to rocketing demand for food and medicines, while rising operational costs have led to retailers and manufacturers expanding their search for suppliers to allcorners of the globe.
What we’re seeing is a dramatically inflated supply chain that’s creaking under the pressure; the average supply chain is now dealing with 50 times more data today than just five years ago. With so much data, processes and players, inefficiencies and delays have become a standard part of the supply chain.

The supply chain needs blockchain

Because we have first-hand experience from the IoT business, where multiple processes and players operate independently of each other in terms of data and data value, we saw an opportunity through blockchain to create an ecosystem that was open, connected, trusted and decentralized and that couldhelp solve the problems inherent to the supply chain.

As Cognizant highlight on their website, “Blockchain is converting the Internet of things into the internet of value”. However, we recognized that what was needed was a means of rapidly helping blockchain to become standard practice in the supply chain, by making it fast, easy and straightforward for developers to blockchain-enable their supply chain data.

Zetochain set out to fast-track the adoption of blockchain across the supply chain, to deliver unprecedented efficiencies and guarantee product provenance.

Here’s how we’re making that vision a reality:

  1. Zetochain will build a scalable, open, standards-based platform that makes blockchain
    adoption frictionless, even for legacy systems. This facilitates the participation of multiple players in the supply chain to collaborate in deriving value through a trusted platform
  2. Zeto is 100% focused on developers and integrators. Zetochain offers developers a rapid route onto the blockchain, with easy-to-use APIs and SDK, simple pricing and fast on-boarding. Our goal is to make Zetochain the go-to platform for blockchain development in supply chain
  3. Through our experiences of building platforms, we understand what a developer needs to bring a concept to delivery and we will make that experience a similar one for our developer eco-system, which is easy, convenient and fun.

In advance of our ICO, you can find out more about our leadership team, our roadmap and more detail about how we are empowering developers in our white paper. Download it here: (PDF) http://bit.ly/ZCwhite