How power loss can affect refrigeration performance

Ireland has witnessed three major storms in recent months, resulting in widespread power outages. These events have consequences for all sectors of society including farming right through to the safe storage of products on the shop floor. With accurate weather warnings now in place people are made aware of the dangers in advance and this [...]

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We have made some changes to support the Zeto Community. ETH is now pegged at $800 for our Pre-Sale.

The price of ETH is now pegged at $800 for our Pre-Sale. We have also extend the Pre-Sale by 3 days to give the community extra time to buy ZetoTokens at this new price. Since we launched the ZetoToken Pre-Sale last week we have witnessed significant fluctuations in the price of ETH. We fixed the ETH [...]

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What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

As you know, we are currently running our ZetoChain presale ICO, which ends on the 11th of May. During the presale you get a 20% discount off the ICO price of all ZetoTokens. This is our way of rewarding early backers of ZetoChain, our blockchain-powered end-to-end cold chain management solution. But what exactly is an [...]

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Presale Still On!

Did you know we're doing an ICO for our new product? How did you miss it? It's all we've been talking about! Our ICO presale is on right now with a discount of 20% on the ICO price. But! time is running out: the presale is ending this Friday at 11am Irish time. Are you [...]

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How to buy ZetoTokens on your phone

There are plenty of tools out there to manage your Ether wallet, send Ether and view token balances. But, most of them only work on laptops, desktops and specific browsers. There are a number of apps for Android and iOS that can act as Ether wallets too, but each have their limitations. The two mobile [...]

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How to buy ZetoTokens with MyEtherWallet

If you want to buy ZetoTokens, we've already covered what's needed if you are using MetaMask in a previous post. But what if you don't want to use MetaMask or don't have the ability to use Chrome or Firefox on the desktop? MyEtherWallet (MEW) is the best answer to that. It's a pure web-based method [...]

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Zeto announce Circle K, as first trial customer for Blockchain platform

To celebrate this announcement, we are offering an extra 10% bonus on top of the existing 20% for a total of 30% to everyone that purchases ZetoTokens before Sunday 15:00 UTC on 6th May. All existing token holders will also receive the extra 10% bonus. Get ZetoTokens Now Zeto are happy to announce Circle K, one of the world's leading convenience and fuel retail [...]

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How To Buy ZetoTokens with MetaMask

For people who are new to the Ethereum network, investing in an ICO can be scary. The tools make big assumptions about your technical knowledge and strange errors abound. What we want to do with this post is go step-by-step for anybody who wants to invest in ZetoChain but doesn't know how. MetaMask The tool [...]

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The ZetoChain Pre-sale is On!

In case you didn't notice this already: the pre-sale is now open for our ICO! Right now, you can buy ZetoTokens for our upcoming ZetoChain product. We're offering a 20% discount on all tokens purchased during the pre-sale. All you have to do is get whitelisted on our site, wait for the email confirmation, and [...]

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