ZetoChain KYC process

The ZetoChain ICO Pre-sale is fast approaching, and we wanted to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible for all participants. Key to this is making sure you have signed up for the whitelist and provided all of the necessary information for our KYC. Security and Peace of Mind KYC (“Know Your Customer”) [...]

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Should we Coco?

Blockchain is definitely the new hotness in the software industry and a number of the big players are getting in on the action. Microsoft announced a new product last year that works with Ethereum and other distributed application blockchains: the Coco framework. They still haven’t released anything more than a white paper, despite promising a [...]

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The Technology Behind ZetoChain

The key to the success of ZetoChain will be the stable and efficient technology on which it is built. We’re in a good position, as our existing tried-and-tested Zeto hardware system and platform will form the foundation of ZetoChain. This means that we have a head-start on other companies who are trying to bring blockchain-based [...]

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Food-borne illness: a multi-million dollar drain on the food industry

With the demand for food growing rapidly worldwide, the need for certainty around how food products are handled and where they come from is becoming increasingly important. Supply chains are more complex and far reaching than ever before and involve a larger number of players between the time a food product rolls off the production [...]

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ZetoChain – a blockchain solution for the cold chain

In the last few weeks, we’ve announced our plans for our new blockchain-powered, end-to-end cold-chain management solution – ZetoChain. We believe that ZetoChain will provide a fix-all for some fundamental flaws in traditional cold chain systems, such as: Disjointed, manual monitoring and reporting across parties in the cold chain No real-time alerts where the temperature [...]

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ZetoChain is spreading!

Last Tuesday we launched the first airdrop for our upcoming ICO and got a huge response across the board on social media: 35000+ Telegram users joined our group 20000+ followed us on Twitter 12000+ liked our Facebook page wow A great start and good to see so many people interested in what we're [...]

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ICO Presale starts April 30th

As announced not long ago, we are going to run a presale ICO to reward the early adopters of our new ZetoToken. This presale will run from the 30th of April to May the 7th. If you get involved in the presale, you will get a generous discount of 20% off the ICO price on [...]

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Blockchain: the future of food safety

When Bitcoin made its entry into the world almost a decade ago, little did anyone think that the technology that it was built upon – blockchain – would become just as significant and transformative in terms of how we do business. In fact, there’s an increasing consensus that blockchain will have as big an impact [...]

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Announcing the ZetoToken Bounty program

As part of our ICO, we are running a bounty program. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, we are giving ZetoToken away for free! Of course, you have to earn it: these free tokens go to people who promote our social media outlets with friends, families and followers. This is a great way [...]

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